Unboxing a Golden "Acrylic Explorer" 14-piece Sampler

Unboxing a Golden "Acrylic Explorer" 14-piece Sampler

Let's face it, friends. Art supplies are expensive AF.

So if you're ever at a loss trying to think of a Christmas, birthday, or other commercialized holiday gift for the artist in your life, an art sampler is a pretty solid bet.

It could open the artist's eyes to a new medium that they've always meant to try but didn't want to drop their own ducats to dive into.

Last Christmas, my wonderful cousin-in-law gifted me this marvelous 14-piece "Acrylic Explorer" sample pack. It's by Golden, who make my favorite acrylic paints, so you know it's good.

Check out my unboxing and initial thoughts on the contents!

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