That C-rona Done F’d Up My Flow

That C-rona Done F’d Up My Flow

Well friends, that pesky old C-virus caught up with me last week, after 3 years of dodging that pesky mofo. Fully vaxxed, fully boostered and generally cautious, I still landed on my ass. So I was a bit under the weather the last week or so.

Which is to say wrapped up under my covers, fully clothed, including socks, a hoodie, and a knit hat every night. None of my symptoms were too bad or scary, (the 24 hours or so of burning sore throat was my least favorite part) but I got a grab bag of them. Never quite knew what would be rearing it’s icky, snotty, achey(breaky), or shivery head around the next turn.

I also tested positive for 10 days straight, which was demoralizing. I didn’t get much done in the way of side-hustling aside from a few short-form videos and a start on my next painting. At least it was something.

But I’m back on the mend now, about 10 pounds lighter and with nothing but a gross cough to show for it.

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