Side Hustle Scorecard (Week of April 3-9, 2023)

Side Hustle Scorecard (Week of April 3-9, 2023)

My big accomplishment this week was hand-carving a chocolate version of an Easter Island Moai statue (at least that was the initial intention). There were a few hiccups along the way, so the video is definitely worth checking out.

Other side-hustle accomplishments for last week included:

  • Mailing the Precipice of Corruption black velvet painting to IP owner Nick Baran of Breaker Press Games;

  • Printing QR code stickers and attached them to the backs of all my freebie hand-out stickers so that eben after someone peels and sticks one of my art stickers, they have a way of remembering who/where it came from;

  • Printing test prints on the new 4x6 paper I had purchased last week. We decided that for framed prints, the photo paper works better but the heavy cardstock feels really great for unframed prints;

  • Mailing a little surprise package out to one of my top fans; and

  • Making hotel reservations for Midwest Monster Fest in Moline, IL in September,

This independent artist train keeps on a-rolling. It’s now become much less of a chore (and more of a habit) to produce a new piece of art and the accompanying video every two weeks.

I even sometimes have good ideas for short-form video (though they still do not perform all that spectacularly well).

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