Side-Hustlin’ Scorecard (New Name!) - Feb. 5, 2023

Side-Hustlin’ Scorecard (New Name!) - Feb. 5, 2023

I’m a few days late in making this blog post, but my weekly accountability vlog has been live on YouTube since Sunday, I promise! Pinky swear and shit.

Notable side-hustle progress for the week of January 30 through February 5, 2023 was_

  • Editing and posting a new long-form video in which I abuse some nice soft artist pastels.

  • Tied to that endeavor, I posted short-form teaser content to YouTube and Instagram. I’m still not great at shorts, but practice makes perfect… ish. These simple efforts alone netted my YouTube channel around 2k views and 8 new subscribers. Not too shabby.

  • I completed (and filmed) a black velvet painting for my dear friend Messina’s birthday. They were extremely surprised. Watch for a video and blog post about that process in a few days.

  • I picked up a wood-burning kit and some oil pastels to keep experimenting with art.

I’m having fun with it and I sure hope my viewers are as well!

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