Imposter Syndrome Can Bite Me!

Imposter Syndrome Can Bite Me!

Sometimes it's easy for creative folks (or anyone, really) to get stuck inside their own heads.

Are you good enough? Is it all going to crumble? When will people realize that you're really just winging it? Why would anyone care what you have to say about anything?

Imposter syndrome can be a real bitch.

She recently came a-calling while I was preparing to sell art in the artist alley at a local gaming convention.

But once I got all of my fancy prints and originals assembled for a quick inventory, I realized that I do make cool shit; unique art that no one else has ever made before.

Art that connects with and amuses people all over the globe.

And that's pretty cool.

That same magic is within you, too. Keep doin what you're doing. Or if you're not doing it yet, punch self-doubt in the ding-ding and get started sharing your unique gifts with the world.

👇 View my short video check-in below👇 

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