Be Ready for Any Eventuality

Be Ready for Any Eventuality

This is my side hustle scorecard for June 11. Posting it on June 14, but life has been busy!

Last week, I finally got back on the productivity treadmill and knocked out some wins for my independent creative pursuits.

In no particular order, I:
  • Sent my logo and product photos to Wolf Hollow Oddities in Rockford, IL for inclusion in their marketing materials for the Witches Market (Saturday, Oct. 7);

  • Reordered some high-quality, low price-point magnets of two of my most popular drawings; 

  • Added new merch to my webstore; and

  • Vetted, sorted, and packed a bunch of camping gear for an upcoming exodus to the woods.

Said camping excursion won’t likely do anything for my side hustle, but it’ll be great for my creative battery.

Catch you on the other side!

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