Side Hustle Scorecard (March 20-26), 2023

Side Hustle Scorecard (March 20-26), 2023

This week I’m producing this blog from the road, on site at Creative South in Columbus, Georgia. I’m writing this all hunt-and-peck on my iPad, so brevity will be my friend this time.

I’ll let the video (recorded on the proper Sunday last week) do most of the talking.

But, briefly, this week I:

  • Finished an acrylic painting on black velvet (Precipice of Corruption);

  • Made a bonus video to show how I prepped the black canvas board using an experimental technique;

  • Refined my YouTube thumbnail template to cut back on the clutter;

  • Traveled to Iola, Wisco for an all-hands staff meeting; and

  • Got inspired with a live concert at Shank Hall in Milwaukee.

Since tomorrow is already Sunday again, watch for another post and video very soon!

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