Side Hustle Scorecard (March 13-19, 2023)

Side Hustle Scorecard (March 13-19, 2023)

It’s time once again for my weekly accountability post in which I post any minor and/or major wins I accomplished to help propel my independent art career.

I believe that taking time to do this not only keeps me accountable but serves as a fun time capsule to look back and relive these experiences.

Without further ado…

This week I:

  • Posted a painting process video wherein I gave new life to an old half-painted canvas;

  • Troubleshot a problem with my IMAP info that was keeping me from receiving emails at;

  • Started a new art video that will post on 3/27/23;

  • Ordered 4x6 frames and other supplies in anticipation of convention season;

  • Posted more short-form videos on YouTube and Instagram;

  • Varnished and took hi-res photos of some original art; and

  • Ran test prints of my caffeinated Bigfoot mixed media drawing.

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