Side-Hustlin’ Scorecard for Feb. 12, 2023

Side-Hustlin’ Scorecard for Feb. 12, 2023

This week, I moved my side-biz ball a few yards forward by researching and implementing incredible (and free!) captioning software.

In addition to putting the captioning software through a test (see the video! I got it to work, then let it misspell my own damned name), I accomplished the following wins for the week_

  • I edited a video of the velvet painting process for my friend Messina’s birthday present.

  • I said “Sorry, no.” to a job that I just don’t have the bandwidth to take on. It’s SO important to be honest with yourself and others.

  • I researched (and potentially figured out) how to remove background music from existing videos that were filmed while copyrighted music was playing in the background. It’s not perfect, but it should work for repurposing my old Inktober and Troll & Friends livestreams.

  • I forgot to mention this in the video, but this week I also applied for a Witchy/Spooky makers market at Wolf Hollow in scenic Rockfold, IL. Fingers crossed that they like my stuff!

Do you know of any horror art shows in your local area? I’d love to hear about them.

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