"Building the Runway"

"Building the Runway"

Today I have grand plans to attend a casual meet-up of the "Milwaukee-ish Area Artists" FB group and then to pop over to a small off-the-wall gallery that's having an art show and sale.

I wouldn't mind showing art there some day, so it behooves me to check it out, mingle, and maybe talk to the proprietors.

Both excellent opportunities to build relationships and to get more involved in the local art scene. Which was one of my goals for 2023 that never really came to fruition…

But brother, let me tell you, this morning I woke up with zero motivation to be social.I can already feel the first wisps of my seasonal depression breathing flirtatiously into my ear.
It would be easy to shitcan all my good intentions and hide out here in my cave. It would be the easiest thing in the world. Especially since my wife has plans that don't include me.
But that's not going to get me anywhere.
So I'll don my social mask, slip into a flashy shirt and try to channel some of Draplin's HELL YEAH energy.Let them see me smile. Do a little song and dance and pretend that I have my shit together. Donate some of my soul to the cause of becoming remarkable.
After a few hours I can come home and crash back into hermit mode.

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