Side Hustle Scorecard for Feb. 27 - March 5

Side Hustle Scorecard for Feb. 27 - March 5

That’s right. March 5th. When shooting the first take of this weekly accountability video, I said “January 27 to February 5th. Then thought, “How the hell is it only February 5th? What a long, unforgiving winter!”

But, yeah, nah. It’s March.



This week I got some great work done on both the creative and administrative (BORING) side of my artistic side-hustlin’ career.

In no particular order, I:

  • Posted my latest art project timelapse video, both on this blog and on the YubTubz;

  • Started preparing and shooting video footage of my next art project;

  • Troubleshot a problem with filming long-form content on my new Sony ZV-E10;

  • Renamed the folders in the external hard drive where I store all of my YouTube videos and supporting files;

  • Created and ordered new stickers to swap/hand out at Creative South ‘23 in a couple of weeks, and;

  • Posted short-form videos including a quick timelapse from Procreate.

If I have any stickers left over after my trip to Creative South, I’ll be sending everyone on my mailing list a code to get one for free. There’s still time to sign up for my newsletter and get this sticker along with some other free goodies.

Have a great week!

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