Side Hustle Scorecard for March 6-12

Side Hustle Scorecard for March 6-12

As I write this, I am feeling utter annoyance with Squarespace’s blog interface. I can’t even put in a full line of type without things going wonky. I restarted Chrome. When that didn’t work, I restarted my Mac. Still shitty.

So now I am composing this post in Google docs and praying that I can copy and paste it into my blog chunk by chunk. I guess if you’re reading this, I was successful.

Also, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that Squarespace blows. I’ll be jumping ship as soon as my subscription ends this fall. It will be a real pain to port things over to Shopify, but that will work better for me in the long run at a similar price.


I’m super late in posting this accountability blog (through no fault of Squarespace’s) because I’ve ironically been busy playing video games.

On Monday I finished a big painting and thought I deserved a little downtime to just kill some pixelated zombies. Which I do, and I did. But three days is excessive.

So here I am with my hat in my hand, begging for your forgiveness.

Or something.

My side-hustlin’ accomplishments this week were:

  • Finishing the aforementioned painting and posting a video of the process on my YouTube channel (video and blog post to come here soon);

  • Continuing to post short-form videos to increase my skills. They’re not getting many views, but just like my 100 daily wins, the technical skills are worthwhile;

  • I found out that I was accepted as a vendor to the Milwaukee Makers Market to be held at Discovery World Museum on Sunday, August 13;

  • Despite my reluctance to take on new commissions during this season of my career, I knocked out a quick one for a great client who pays well (and quickly). That’s a little more money to offset my fancy camera purchase since I have yet to sell any of my dad’s antique firearms, and;

  • I added rim lighting to my YouTube studio setup to help improve the quality of my talking head videos. Janelle hates the aesthetics of having a big bar running from wall to wall in my office, but none of that is within view of the camera.

Anyway, that’s that! I’ve already started on my next art project, but you’ll have to wait until next week to hear all about it.


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