Phoenix Con 2023

Phoenix Con 2023

This August I had the honor of vending in the artist alley at a small regional RPG convention in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Sales-wise, it was the single worst outing I've ever had. It wasn't any fault of the convention or staff — they were wonderful. It just wasn't my usual trusty and crusty old school RPG and horror enthusiast crowd.

It seemed to lean more toward popular geek culture and anime. Which is fine… but not quite my bag. Nor was I the bag of the crowd. Sales (and even foot traffic) were dismal.

The two big transactions I made pretty much allowed us to -almost- break even after registration, table rental, one night in the hotel, and a romantic sushi dinner.

But my biggest regret was spending a beautiful summer day trapped under an over-enthusiastic A/C vent. Summer weekends are rare and precious here in the frozen tundra, and not to be squandered lightly.

So, with no ill will to the organizers, I think Phoenix Con was a one and done for this crusty old grognard artist.

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