Sexy Space Girl Glow-Up

Sexy Space Girl Glow-Up

Like many (probably most) painters, I have a stack of half-finished projects banging around my studio. I’ve moved houses quite a few times in the past 10 years, and most of these WIPs have tagged right along for the ride every time.

When I painted my Fee-Jee Mermaid in 2023, that canvas had moldered away, partially painted for several years. Same deal (sort of) when I added the sequined bra to an old harpy painting I had kicking around. It feels good to give these old projects new life by bringing them to completion (tee hee). Hopefully you found the videos entertaining as well.

Space Girl, Meet Sanjulian

I started painting a sexy space girl several years ago (the signature on the canvas says 2016 — no idea why I would sign a painting that wasn’t anywhere near finished, but whatevs). Part of the process involved hand-carving a UFO stamper with linocut tools and making a fun little extraterrestrial pattern in the background. I was sort of going for mid-century atomic age gonzo.

Or something.

Not long ago, Goodman Games ran a Kickstarter campaign for their revamp of the Dark Tower series of RPG supplements after acquiring the title from Judges Guild. The cover art for the module in question was a Sanjulian painting that just made my jaw drop. To be fair, most of his art has that effect on me.


Art by Manuel Pérez Clemente (better known as Sanjulián)

Isn’t it just wonderful?

Anyway, somewhere in the cheese-addled recesses of my brain, an idea started to foment_

“But what if… sexy space croc girl?

And here we are.

Video Link Opens in YouTube

I have to admit that I absolutely love the outcome. It only took seven years for this scaly scamp of the starscape to substantiate.

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