Alphabet Superset: A is for Artifact

Alphabet Superset: A is for Artifact

Art challenges are a popular way for illustrators, painters, writers and even musicians to push the creative envelope. Or it could end in disappointment and disaster.

In this video, I am kicking off a 26-week art challenge concocted by an intelligent, charming, and dynamic YouTuber who goes by @struthless. Struthless' "Alphabet Superset" art challenge involves creating 26 pieces of art keyed to letters of the alphabet.

The challenge also involves imposing restrictions upon yourself during the creative process. In my case, I have decided to create weekly adult coloring pages in a post-apocalyptic theme.

Maybe a year ago, I actually wrote a manuscript for a PA children's book, so this seemed like an opportune way to get that project out of mothballs and into the harsh, radioactive light of day.

My self-imposed restrictions for this artistic challenge are that each piece has to be 8.5x11, clean linework, and crafted digitally using the Adobe Fresco software on my Apple iPad Pro. I'm no stranger to drawing digitally on the iPad, but I usually use the Procreate drawing program. So Adobe Fresco is new to me.

While I don't believe that I'll post a full YouTube video for every page, I wanted to kick the challenge off with my entry for "A" - Artifact. When the whole challenge is done, I'll compile all of the sheets together, add my old manuscript and perhaps a few fun puzzles/mazes/etc. and publish it as a full-fledged post-apocalyptic wasteland activity book.

Download printable PDFs of each individual page here.

If you're reading this anytime after March of 2024, the book may already be available!

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