Fuzzy Wuzzy Mothy, Man

Fuzzy Wuzzy Mothy, Man

On November 15, 1966, four smoochers heavily petting near an old West Virginia ammunition dump spotted a strange creature with hypnotic eyes. Newspaper reports of their encounter sparked “Moth-man” sightings around the area over the next 13 months. It also inspired decades of weird art.

How much of this accursed Mothman fan art was painted on velvet? The world may never know. But now you know there was at least one such foul affront to societal decency:

A black velvet painting of the l;egendary mothman, swooping toward the camera.

“This ain’ no Elvis I ever seen’t.”

Why velvet? Who the hell knows? But this is the third time I’ve flailed acrylic paint at stretched velvet. I dig it and will assuredly do more.

At my very first “real” design job (where I spent all day making tons of clipping paths and drop shadows for a catalog that sold school supplies and mailboxes), my Creative Director bought a framed velvet matador at a flea market. He cannibalized the frame and gifted me the painting because he saw, and appreciated, the tacky weirdo in me.

Sadly, I have no idea where that painting wound up.

So maybe these forays into velvet vandalism are my way of making amends to that poor fuzzy matador and toro, wherever they may be.

As with all my new paintings, first dibs on this 11x14 bad boy will go to those lucky cool kids who chose to subscribe to my newsletter. If none of those tasteful folks claim it, I’ll pop it into the store for anyone to get their grubby mitts on this beauty.

Due to the nature of reproducing velvet artwork, I will not be offering prints or merch with this image. So this is truly a one-of-a-kind offering. The critics are RAVING!

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