A Sick Little Painting to Celebrate MerMAY.

A Sick Little Painting to Celebrate MerMAY.

Not gonna lie, my energy levels were completely wrecked by last month’s bout with the Rona.

I’m trying not to dwell on the frustration of being double vaxxed and triple boosted and enduring three-plus years of being super careful (I was one of a handful of people masked on a recent flight) only to have it grab me anyway. What’s done is done.

But at the end of the day, my ass is TIRED. Not just the end of the day. All day long, no matter how much sleep I get. I guess the post-Covid fatigue is very real and very common. But it can fuck off any time now. And take the malaise, dry cough, and brain fog with it.


Despite my depleted levels of GaF, I managed to stay on schedule and create a new piece of art.

Hopefully we can ignore the fact that it then took me 10 days to muster the energy to write a blog about it.

It would have been easy to phone it in. In fact, I have a few art videos in reserve for just that instance — backup in case I’m ever too sick or busy or on vacation in the woods or something.

But I scraped up enough daring-do to lay paint on wood.

Huh huh. Wood.

So here is a fun little piece I whipped up to celebrate MerMAY. It’s not based on any specific prompt. I just wanted to make a creepy little fish girl.


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