Horned One Glow-Up

Horned One Glow-Up

A few weeks ago I ordered 16x20 stretched canvas test prints from two different print vendors. Both were roughly the same price and printed from the exact same digital file.

Shipping speed was comparable.

But I found the print quality of one canvas to be severely lacking. The blacks were dark gray at best and it just looked rather blah.

Similar problems have occurred from other vendors in the past — hence why I order samples. I usually just solve the issue by drawing over the print with India ink and/or sharpies.

The process is boring, tedious, and frustrating, but there's no way I could sell a faded-ass print in good conscience.

This time, I decided to go ham and give the lackluster print a full zhuzhing.

How did I do? It's basically a brand new original painting.

If you want to own this bad boy, he's for sale.

(I'll remove the link after some lucky soul gives the painting a new home. So if you see the link, the painting is still available!)