Can I Fix This Poor Lady's Face? (India Ink Drawing Time Lapse)

Can I Fix This Poor Lady's Face? (India Ink Drawing Time Lapse)

My buddy Luau Lou over at Dandyline Games commissioned me to create three illustrations for his upcoming halloween-themed RPG zine.

The series of illustrations will depict residents of a cul-de-sac opening their front doors for trick-or-treaters. For this first RPG illustration, Lou requested just a normal homeowner with nothing weird or malicious going on. Just a person opening a door on Halloween night.

I chose to depict a young woman in a wheelchair because representation matters. I even downloaded some photo reference from Pexels for the wheelchair. But when it came to drawing her face... I didn't do her any real favors.

Listen, I've never really been great at drawing women in the first place. So that combined with the dime-sized work area and the fact that I was working at a weird angle because of the camera... this poor woman was FUGLY.

Not at all the happy, bubbly door-answerer I had envisioned.

So, I used the tools at hand to scan the ink drawing and import it into Procreate where I was able to digitally ink in a new face for the lady.

What do you think? Did I save her?

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