Blood-Spattered Patina of the Barbarous Blades!

Blood-Spattered Patina of the Barbarous Blades!

My friends over at Silver Bullete Games put together a heapin' helpin' of weird west action in the form of "Blood-Spattered Patina of the Barbarous Blades." It's a DCC RPG-compatible role playing game module for use with the Weird Frontiers systems.

Those words may sound odd all strung together like that, but odd is good! In this case, very, very good.

When I heard about the upcoming kickstarter (already funded and closed, sorry!), I knew I had to get in on the goodness. So I hit up my buddy Ian and was able to wrangle a couple of quick interior illustrations for the project.

Check it out!

This was a super fun freelance outing and I hope to toss my Stetson into the ring for future Silver Bullete Weird Frontiers projects.